Our powerful AI engine powers OnSiteIQ’s Visual Search. When you are on the floor plan page in the OnSiteIQ platform, you will see a search option on the top left of the screen. Click on it, and it will give you a drop-down of the items that have been detected by OnSiteIQ’s AI engine.

The yellow bar indicates which items have been detected. Click on one of the items from the drop-down list, and OnSiteIQ will show you all the detected items relevant to your search localized on the floor plan.

You can also start typing to narrow down the search.

If you want to turn on the path, you can use the path toggle button on the bottom left of the screen or use the key P on your keyboard. If you want to exit the search either, click the X on the search bar, or hit the escape key.

When search is on, you can use the mouse button to hover over the detected items and click on the items of interest. The one you selected will be emphasized and also shown on the right-hand panel.

You can also use the right-hand panel to select the items of interest, and the corresponding localized item will be emphasized.

If you notice an irrelevant item being detected by our search engine, give us a thumbs down. Our AI engine actively learns from your feedback and improves over time.

You can also click on either an emphasized icon on the floor plan or the 360 icon on the thumbnail on the right-hand panner to view the relevant search results in 360.

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